Plumbing website update tips

Wondering How to Update Your Plumbing Website? Here’s How!


Plumbing Website in Need of a Little Update?

The New Year will soon be upon us and that means it’s time to freshen things up with your marketing strategy online. By improving your website you can begin to see better results and more traffic, or more relevant traffic if you are already receiving plenty of views. The following is a list of things you can use to help give your website marketing strategy the boost its been waiting for.

Plumbing Website Tips design and mobile friendly

Easy To Navigate

Make sure that the information your customer needs can be easily found. Ask a friend who hasn’t seen your website to look it over and inquire about how hard it was to obtain certain information. This will give you a fresh insight into how efficient your website is. Remember that the design of your website should be simple so that guests don’t feel overwhelmed by anything elaborate. It might look pretty, but if it’s confusing it’s not helping anyone.

Use Your Brand

The brand for your plumbing website should be displayed and be consistent on all of your different plumbing marketing outlets. Don’t forget to provide links to your social media blogs and sites. Expand your use of other marketing platforms while still displaying a consistent brand and providing important links on all of them.

Content, Content, Content

Good quality content is absolutely essential for a credible website. That means that the content must be clear, articulate, concise and up to date. Go over your websites content and make sure everything is still relevant and important for your potential customers to view. If something is out of date, confusing or not relevant to the site then your guests will question the authority and credibility of your company.

Mobile User Friendly

Is your Plumbing Website Mobile Friendly?Think about how often you search for companies with your phone. In today’s day and age we use our phones all of the time to help us locate resources and if your website is not mobile user friendly most customers won’t even bother. Mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones are much more commonly used for searches than regular pc or desktop searches. Updating your plumbing website to accommodate this new trend is relatively easy to do and well worth the effort.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when updating your website but they are all vitally important, and by going through this list you might just come up with a few brand new and fresh ways to keep your website new and improved all year long.







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