Woman Sexually Abuses Two Plumbers

NEWS: Woman Sexually Abuses Two Plumbers


Two Plumbers Receive Compensation After Being Sexually Abused by a Woman

Woman Sexually Abuses Two PlumbersIn October of 2013, a French housewife hired two plumbers to work on a radiator at her home in Arras, France. The 50-year-old woman accosted the men verbally, and in a sexually explicit manner, when they arrived to do the repairs. It was reported that the woman referred to only as “ID” (ID are her initials), touched their backs and requested that they meet her in her bedroom when they were done fixing the radiator.

The men both refused her offers and tried to proceed to work, but ID would not let them work without causing interferences because of her illicit behaviors. As the men tried to work she forced herself onto their rear ends whenever they had to bend over. She reportedly would not stop the lewd behavior despite repeated requests from both men.

When the men continued to refuse her sexual advances and ask that she please stop, she became angry and physically lashed out, slapping and hitting them. The men fled the scene, leaving their tools and equipment in her home so that they would stop being attacked.

They both later returned with police officers to collect their belongings. The woman became enraged and attacked the two police officers and a building manager where she lived. The men were able to retrieve their belongings and the woman was taken to jail.

The woman was found guilty of sexual abuse and later in court, ID was given a twelve month suspended prison sentence and forced to take classes that would help her battle alcoholism, which she reportedly had been struggling with for 15-years.

Both of the workers claimed to have smelled alcohol on her when they first arrived to do the work and again when the police officers arrived. The woman claimed in court that she was not acting herself because she had been drinking and that she was battling addiction with alcohol. She also stated, “I’ve now decided to take my life in hand. I’ve not drunk for more than eight months, and I’ve started training to be a life coach.”

Each of the plumbers, who were forced to endure her drunken advances and were even physically attacked for not succumbing to her, received a verbal apology from ID and were also paid 1,000$ each for damages as a result of her illicit and violent behavior.

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