Top 5 Reasons Your Plumbing Website Needs Updating


Plumbing Website needs maintence

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Make Sure Your Plumbing Website Is Updated.

It is easy to set up your website the way that you want it and then just leave it alone, but I am here to convince you that you absolutely should not just leave it alone. If you have a plumbing business and you want it to be successful and remain successful you must attract new customers and work on your search engine rankings. If you aren’t updating your website then your plumbing business will suffer.

Let me tell you the top 5 reasons why:

1. First Impressions Will Make or Break You

Most customers will research plumbing companies online before making a phone call, even before they know what it is they may or may not want. If you are not putting your website first then you are ignoring an important component of your business’s future success. Make sure your website design is never flat or dull but also be careful and keep it easy to navigate and understand.

2. Make Your Presence Known

Obviously, when customers are searching for plumbing services and products online they are inundated with different businesses and advertisements to choose from every step of they way. It is crucial that your company can be seen more effectively, or at the very least, as effectively as the competition. Make sure customers viewing your site can find the information they need and the plumbing services they desire without moving on to your competitors site. This means you should have a page for each service that you offer, so if you offer 15 services you need 15 pages- one for each service.

3. Make Your Presence Known on all Platforms

Customers don’t just look for products and services from their desktops or PC’s anymore. They are browsing websites on their lunch breaks or in the car from their cell phones or their tablets. Your business website has got to be mobile friendly or you are losing business to your competitors. This also means making sure you are using all social media outlets you can to get the word out and make your presence known.

4. Make Your Website Reflect Your Business

This is yet another reason to keep your website updated, that I believe simply no one can argue with. Your plumbing business changes and you may offer new plumbing services or have different availability status or maybe you now offer a product that you didn’t offer before. Update your website! Make this information clear to your customer so that they aren’t receiving conflicting (and confusing) information that shows them your left hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing. It just paints the wrong picture for your plumbing company and shows that you aren’t good at staying on top of things.

5. Be Smart About Paying for Basic Updates

Some people pay for their websites to be updated but fail to realize it takes days for these updates to occur. A content management system (CMS) is the way to go. You can use simple forms to update your websites content immediately. Remember, search engines love new content and will grant websites that keep their content current and fresh better rankings. We prefer WordPress.


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