Texas Plumber Truck in Terrorism

NEWS: Texas Plumbers Truck Being Used For Terrorism


Plumber Discovers His Used Work Truck Has Become A Mobile Gun Platform In Syria

Texas Plumber Truck in TerrorismWhen Texas City plumber Mark Oberholtzer gave his used Ford pick-up truck to AutoNation as a trade-in, he never thought he’d see it again. Unfortunately, a picture of the truck (with his Mark 1 Plumbing decal on the side) surfaced recently online. It was posted via Twitter feed by the Islamic extremist brigade Ansar al-Deen Front, according to a CBS news report.

The picture shows his truck with the same plumbing decal, on the front lines of the Syrian civil war and shows an anti-aircraft gun bolted to the bed of the truck. Mark Oberholtzer has owned Mark 1 Plumbing for 32 years and has confirmed that his truck is the one in the picture, but he claims he has no idea how it came to be in the hands of an Islamic extremist brigade, or how it ended up in Syria.

Mark Oberholtzer said he traded the truck in to AutoNation three years ago. He said that he usually takes the decals off of his work trucks before he sells them but he thought that AutoNation would remove the decal so he left it on the truck. AutoNation did not remove the company decal. “They were supposed to have done it and it looks like they didn’t do it,” Oberholtzer said. “How it ended up in Syria, I’ll never know.”

Texas Plumber Mark 1 Plumbing TerrorAfter the picture surfaced online people began calling his company to complain and ask questions. After 24 hours the picture was posted he had received over a thousand calls and faxes about the image. “A few of the people are really ugly,” he said. “We have a secretary here. She’s scared to death,” he said. “We all have families. We don’t want no problems.” Jeff Oberholtzer, Mark’s son noted, “To think something we would use to pull trailers now is being used for terror, it’s crazy. Never in my lifetime would I think something like that.”

A representative at the AutoNation dealership said that the truck was immediately put up for auction and likely changed hands many times before it ended up being driven by terrorists in Syria’s civil war.

People across the US are jumping to conclusions and assuming Mark Oberholtzer is aiding terrorists. “We have nothing to do with terror at all,” commented Oberholtzer. Mark regrets not removing his company decal before giving it to AutoNation. When asked about all of the attention his company is receiving he said, “I just want it to go away, to tell you the truth.”

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