Consider Renting a Website for your Plumbing Business


Renting a Website for your Plumbing Business?

renting_versus_buyingA plumbing business is, in most cases, a small to medium enterprise.

Many plumbers are self employed and may not have any helping hand.

Many plumbing businesses are effectively a two-member team or perhaps it would be a company of half a dozen plumbing experts.

When a company or any business is pressed for resources, it doesn’t have the luxury to invest or deal with marketing, branding, promotions or any elaborate online presence.

Not many plumbers would have the time to work on search engine optimization or even developing a unique website.

Most plumbing businesses will have little or no time and also very little inclination to engage with the local community using social media or to have a concerted effort to stay high up on search engine rankings by using affiliate marketing or pay per click ads.

For plumbing companies that don’t have any online marketing strategy or even a website, considering renting is a wise move. Let us explore the various benefits of renting a website for your plumbing business and also why it is absolutely imperative.

  • You need a website. It is an avenue to generate leads. It firmly establishes you in the virtual world and people would get to know about your company. You can use search engines to your advantage and the traffic generated can be your potential database. From online queries to correspondences leading to new contracts, having a website is the absolute foundation to get the impetus that your plumbing business needs.
  • However, purchasing a website or having one developed from scratch can cost you hundreds of dollars and maintaining the website would take that investment northward of a thousand bucks. Not many plumbing businesses would want to make that kind of an investment. Also, upgrading a website, paying for the hosting account and miscellaneous demands from time to time will inflate your marketing or digital budget. Renting a website will save all these costs. It is an affordable way to get a website.
  • Renting a website doesn’t imply you would be settling for a generic website. Your website would be custom made. You can use your logo and unique content, your website would be optimized so you can rank high on search engine results for plumbers in your city and you can set up an entire lead generation system or a sales funnel on the site.
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