Plumbing Courses Are Better Than College Degrees?


Parents Think Children With Degrees Are Less Employable But The Advice They’re Giving Hasn’t Changed

Plumber_2252751bAccording to the Telegraph, research done by Edge and City & Guilds has found that parents believe their children would have better chances at securing employment if they skip getting a college degree and get a plumbing qualification or other valuable trade certificate. Although the study found that most parents believe their children would be more employable, there exists a very real disconnect between what they would like to see their children do. While parents believe higher education is not conducive to immediate and stable employability most parents would still prefer to see their children achieve a higher education degree. Experts warn that pupils are being pushed into an academic education with little chances of learning a specific trade.

The Office of National Statistics has found that almost half of all university graduates are “underemployed” meaning they take jobs that require no higher education at all to perform, and of course the pay is not great enough to clear the student loan payments most students have accrued.

Chief executive of City & Guilds, Chris Jones, sets vocational qualifications and claims that, “Time and time again, parents are shown to have the most influence on young people. But parents just don’t know enough about all the different career options available. That’s why it’s not surprising that so many of them want their children to go to university; for too long, it was portrayed as the best and only route to success.”

57 percent of parents said a plumbing qualification would make children highly employable but only 12 percent of parents believe a degree in social sciences would make the graduate highly employable. 22 percent of parents thought the same for English and 33 percent for foreign language. 51 percent of parents believe IT courses drastically improve job opportunity but only 16 percent of parents hope their children will complete an apprenticeship.

The end game for everyone is gaining valuable employment and having rewarding careers but parents are still hesitant to encourage children to pursue alternative routes if it does not include a college education. With university expenses being through the roof and steadily climbing in today’s world, Chris Jones has some advice for young adults, “Young people need the opportunity to explore their options and discover exactly what route is right for them – whether it’s an apprenticeship, going straight into employment or pursuing a degree.”

Achieving success at a college or university is without a doubt an admirable and worthy achievement and it does sometimes help graduates advance more rapidly in the work force but parents need to realize that it isn’t always the best or most practical path to success. Vocational, technical and practical learning centers can be valuable resources for young adults and should be an option that is considered by parents and not dismissed.


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