Successful Plumbing Business Tools

A plumber needs many tools to complete a plumbing job effectively, the same is true when running your plumbing business. It can be quite advantageous to know what tools other successful plumbers use so I created a list of useful resources and tools that you can use to your advantage. Below is a list of tools that I have gathered to help you keep your plumbing business at the top of its game. I will update this page often because I am always discovering new and interesting tools to help plumbers run their business. Bookmark this page now as reference and use the tools it takes to keep your business from becoming obsolete in todays market! ENJOY!!!

Office Tools

Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks makes accounting easy for everyone even if you are a beginner. Everything is handled online so access is always immediate and you are able to take care of everything from sending proposals to keeping invoices. Quickbooks Online even enables customers to pay online in a secure manner. Quickbooks is simple to use and incredibly versatile. I recommend this accounting software to everyone whether they are beginners or have been in business for awhile.


Trello is a free online office management tool that is not only incredibly simple to use but also very effective for planning tasks and upcoming projects. With Trello you can access your to-do list from almost anywhere with the mobile device app and you never fall behind on projects because you are able to stay organized with Trello. You can even share project lists with team members so that everyone stays up to date.


HiTask is another way I use technology to save paper, money and time. It helps me schedule appointments and assign different jobs by giving them to the proper technicians instantaneously. HiTask even allows you to share calendars online with team members and eases scheduling conflicts by allowing easy access and quick response time. HiTAsk will even automatically notify you if someone completes a job or makes any changes.


If you haven’t used Dropbox yet you’re missing out. Dropbox allows you to share files with everyone in the office by simply dropping them into the blue box on your own device. You don’t have to worry about moving papers and files around or anything going missing because it’s all on line stored securely in the cloud and the hard drive. If you need more memory you can pay Dropbox $10 a month to upgrade your services.

Website Resources


WordPress lets you create unique and powerful business websites and it is one of the most popular content management systems online today. Search engine optimization (SEO) is just one of all the different kinds of useful features you can add as plugins and it is highly customizable. WordPress is always responsive to any questions you might have and you can reach a person 24/7 via live chat, email, forums or support pages regarding the services. They excel at websites and blogs and make it easy to use for everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans. WordPress is an open source blogging tool on top of everything else, which means that you can download the program for free!

InMotion Hosting

When it is time for you to get your website up you have to be sure that it stays up or you will lose customers. If someone looking for plumbing services is browsing local companies online and your hosting company is down they will not call you. A plumbing business cannot afford to lose calls because their website is down. You have to find a host with a great uptime track record and for me that is InMotion, hands down, every time. Remember to always check out customer reviews to get the real scoop on how a service will treat you. InMotion Hosting is who I choose to go with for 99% of all my websites because of the uncomplicated browsing experience and lack of down time.

Gravity Forms

All great business websites include forms that customers can fill out when they are interested in your product, would like to subscribe to emails or just leave a review. Gravity Forms is the company I go with when my customers need a secure and convenient way to leave their personal information. Gravity Forms saves me so much time because they have anything and everything you can imagine, including but not limited to, payment collection, surveys, request a quote and of course the basic contact and support form.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO is what gets your plumbing business website at the top of the list of sites that people view when they do an online search. I mentioned WordPress already as my favorite website builder and now I am mentioning the SEO plugin because the success of your website depends on its search engine results. The WordPress SEO plugin allows you to optimize your website’s content so that its rank can grow and become more efficient when people search for your services from a computer. Having an effective plumbing business website requires customer views and that’s exactly what this plugin helps your website achieve.

SEO Tools

Link Assistant Power Suite

It is easily established that the importance of SEO to any business website is paramount. With that being understood how does a business achieve optimum SEO? Link Assistant Power Suite equips you with the power of professional SEO tools and will help you step by step to get your plumbing website a popular rank in search engine result pages.

Market Samurai

So how does SEO really work? SEO relies on keywords as a main component for optimizing the most relevant online search results. Market Samurai helps you by evaluating your website’s content and then finds high traffic keywords for you to utilize. On the surface it seems like a simple task that shouldn’t require software. It’s a plumbing company so make sure plumbing, plumbing service and plumbing repairs with local area are all keywords that occur in the websites content often, right? This is the correct idea but software like Market Samurai takes you to the level that helps your business achieve its greatest SEO.

Google Keyword Planner

Google has an abundant resource of services for you to monitor and optimize your website and the keyword planner comes in very handy. The keyword planner gives you real time information about how customers are using the Google search engine to find your website every month. This information will clue you in on how to place more keywords in your content and also reveals to you the keywords that are or are not already working.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools helps you by giving you information about the existing backlinks to your website. It tells you how many backlinks you have and what quality they are so that you can make any necessary improvements and help your website rank higher on Google. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to submit the site map to your website so that they can index the pages on your website effectively. You can use it to see if your mobile site is performing as well as it should be and discover which queries bring the most traffic to your site.

Social Media Tools


If your business has multiple social media pages on different social media websites than Hootsuite is perfect you! Hootsuite automatically updates all of your pages when the status changes so that you don’t have to do it manually. It also allows you to track social media traffic and schedule messages and tweets. Hootsuite refers to itself as a “social media dashboard” which sums it up pretty well.


Photoshop isn’t just a program designed to alter or enhance photographs. You can create all kinds of dynamic images, icons, logos and insignia with Photoshop that you can’t do anywhere else. Humans are visual and customers are human so make sure you don’t neglect the imagery in your website and get familiar and creative with Photoshop!

Email Tools


When customers subscribe to get regular email updates and you have newsletters to send out on a regular basis you generate all kinds of new business but you also spend lots of precious time completing the groundwork. Aweber helps by managing your lists of email recipients and keeps track of promotions and notifications coming just around the corner making your job much faster and less complicated to complete. It always pays to save time and be as organized and efficient as possible with online marketing.


Thunderbird makes email easier by being a free email application with tons of great features and a simple and easy set up process. Thunderbird is also highly customizable so that you can add unique features such as allowing you to create (for a subscription fee) an email account with your last name as the domain. For example, A pretty sure fire way of impressing contacts and taking care of emails all at the same time. I don’t think Thunderbird compares to Microsoft Outlook when it comes to support but it does give a lot of users a wider range of services to choose from.

Marketing Tracking Tools


Twilio is a program that allows you to know where customers have seen your advertisements by tracking the phone calls. It works by allowing you to purchase phone numbers that get directed to the main line and then tells you which number corresponds to which advertisement. With Twilio you can know which advertisements are paying for themselves and which advertisements reach your target audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is pretty helpful because it is free and it gives you day to day information about exactly how your website is viewed. You are able to see which pages of your business website are being viewed the most and therefore which pages are most important to your company and to your customer. It even tells you how long a customer stays on any given page. Google Analytics uses complicated statistics to give you easy to digest reports on how your business website is being used by potential customers.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is exactly that, it tracks your rank by monitoring which keywords give you the most traffic. You are able to choose the keywords you would like to track to see how effective they are and then update your website’s content accordingly. You select keywords relevant to your plumbing business and then Rank Tracker reports back to you their search rankings on relevant search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Whenever you do SEO, it is important but also time consuming to track your rankings and find relevant keywords but Rank Tracker helps take the legwork out.

Advertising Tools

Google AdWords

AdWords helps you get your site more traffic without a lot of effort by allowing you to put your advertisement on other pages. If your business website isn’t doing as well as you had hoped then you can always increase hits leading back to your site via AdWords. Also, Google AdWords has a team of experts that will help you set up and create your first ads free of charge.

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be incredibly advantageous for a number of reasons. Facebook will reach a target audience that is customized for your company. Think about all of the different targeting factors Facebook can use. They have location, gender, education, age, hobbies, keywords and workplaces to name just a few of the ways your advertisements can be sure to reach the right views. Also, Facebook’s popularity means that users will often check their site almost everyday.

Mobile Payment Tools


Plumbers are always on the go and customers are rapidly moving away from cash. So instead of calling back to the office to collect payment over the phone you the plumber can collect on your phone. With Competitive rates and no contract, using Square is a wise choice.

Intuit GoPayment

Since this is a quickbooks product, it only makes since to use this form of collecting credit cards if your already using quickbooks online.

PayPal Here

If you are using paypal to send invoices and using it as your business banking account, then using PayPal Here is a good choice.