Handwritten thank you note for plumbing companies

The Incredible Impact of a Handwritten Thank You


The Incredible Impact of a Handwritten Thank You

Handwritten thank you note for plumbing companiesIn today’s culture of technology and high-speed personal exchange, people are forgetting about the impact a handwritten thank you note can possess. As the owner of a plumbing business you might be tempted to tell your clients thank you via email or text or with some other form of high-speed and high-tech communication innovation. After all, you use high-speed, high technology marketing tools for almost all of your marketing needs.

I am here to tell you that the charm and personal effect that a snail mail thank you note contains is well worth the small amount of extra time, money and effort it takes to send them out. In business you are most likely to receive gifts from other business professionals that aren’t tangible or physical such as time, advice and even important introductions. As the owner of a business you should always consider a handwritten thank you’s when other professionals go out of their way. It solidifies your reputation as a business that takes the time to respect and honor other people and it will help them remember your gratitude for future reference.

It is the same way with each and every one of your clients. Your clients are the reason your business exists in the first place and they deserve a special thank you that will set you apart from your competitors.

Handwritten notes can be sent for any occasion – when you receive a referral, when you’re given positive feedback, after a meeting with an important customer or after a customer pays for your plumbing services.

The following are some easy tips to keep in mind:

Invest in Stationery.

It helps your message stick in peoples mind when the stationery has your business logo or brand and is custom designed as opposed to a generic thank you card. The design and style should reflect your business.

Always write by hand.

When the note is handwritten it tells people that you took the time to say thank you and that is the whole point of these notes, to convey that their business or the time they took to help you, is reflected in the time it takes to write out a note by hand. If you are going to mass produce a thank you note for customers that receive general services then it is also appropriate to use a typed message but at least try to sign the notes and address the envelopes by hand.

Keep it short.

You don’t have to write a novel to show your appreciation. A few succinct sentences telling them that they are appreciated and why they are appreciated is sufficient. Remember to mail the thank you note as soon as possible because a timely reflection of your gratitude will help to showcase your sincerity.

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