Higher rankings for your plumbing company in the map results

How to Rank Your Map Listing Higher


Here Are Some Easy Tips On How To Rank Your Map Listing Higher

Plumbing NAP map listingYou want your website ranking to be as high as possible in the map listings of the search engines, but if your company does not have a consistent Name, Address and phone Number (NAP) in all of the online directories where it can be found, then your rank may suffer. Google, as well as other search engines identify a business by looking at their Name, Address and Phone Number and not just their business name.

By checking the NAP of your business, search engines differentiate your company from others by combing all three elements of the company’s information. In other words, they use your company’s NAP to establish identity. Not only are they establishing the unique identity of your company.

Search engines are also using NAP to help them validate the authority of your website online. One of the ways that legitimacy is established is by identifying how often your business is referenced on other online directories like the Yellow Pages, Yelp and City Search. It is very important that your company is listed with a correct NAP on as many online directories as possible.

Every time your business NAP is listed on your website, other websites or online directories it is referred to as a citation. The more citations your business has, the better it will perform for search engine results. However, if there is an inconsistency in your NAP information then the citation that helps you achieve a greater rank will not be credited to your website.

Inconsistencies in business NAP can happen for a variety of reasons and all of them are relatively commonplace. The following items are some examples of common mistakes:

  • If your company’s legal name is “Jack’s Plumbing Company” you want to make sure this is how you list it every time and not “Jack’s Plumbing.”
  • Make sure that you are using your primary business number for all of your online directory listings and Google Local optimization. Tracking numbers are fine and they can be a very helpful marketing tool but make sure they don’t interfere with your online NAP.
  • Be mindful about how you cite your business address. If you use “South West Avenue” sometimes and “SW Avenue” at others your NAP will be inconsistent and the number of legitimate citations you receive will decrease.
  • A strategy that was used back in the day to improve search results no longer works.. but you might still be doing it. Remember when it was a common suggestion to add the title of your company with a keyword? Not only does that mess with the consistency you are trying to maintain it is now a violation of Google Local’s policies and procedures.

Higher rankings for your plumbing company in the map resultsNow that you know about some of the common ways to miss out on citations, you are ready to make sure that your business has as many correct citations as possible.

For an easy tool to check your NAP, click here. If you need to make corrections you can do this by going to sites like Angieslist.com, CitySearch.com, Yahoo.com and InfoUSA.com and use the option to claim, add or fix your business listing on those sites.

Remember, a consistent Name, Address and Phone Number is a key component of a healthy Advanced Google Local optimization strategy and it is important to list your company online in as many places as possible to help advance your online credibility and rank your map listing as high as possible.

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