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5 Steps to Build a Million-Dollar Plumbing Business in One Year

How to Build a Million-Dollar Plumbing Business Most people go their entire lives without earning a million dollars, so it sounds impossible that some businesses might be able to achieve this milestone within one year. But it is possible. Plenty of Plumbing businesses have achieved this goal, and you can too! 1. Focus on your Pricing There are […]

The Important Differences Between Marketing, Advertising and Branding

The Important Differences Between Marketing, Advertising and Branding It is easy and also very common for the average person to interchange the terms marketing, advertising and branding in a way that isn’t technically correct. However, when a young entrepreneur, inventor or businessman makes the mistake it is a glaring technicality that often causes professionals to […]

Wondering How to Update Your Plumbing Website? Here’s How!

Plumbing Website in Need of a Little Update? The New Year will soon be upon us and that means it’s time to freshen things up with your marketing strategy online. By improving your website you can begin to see better results and more traffic, or more relevant traffic if you are already receiving plenty of […]

NEWS: Texas Plumbers Truck Being Used For Terrorism

Plumber Discovers His Used Work Truck Has Become A Mobile Gun Platform In Syria When Texas City plumber Mark Oberholtzer gave his used Ford pick-up truck to AutoNation as a trade-in, he never thought he’d see it again. Unfortunately, a picture of the truck (with his Mark 1 Plumbing decal on the side) surfaced recently […]

NEWS: Woman Sexually Abuses Two Plumbers

Two Plumbers Receive Compensation After Being Sexually Abused by a Woman In October of 2013, a French housewife hired two plumbers to work on a radiator at her home in Arras, France. The 50-year-old woman accosted the men verbally, and in a sexually explicit manner, when they arrived to do the repairs. It was reported […]

The Importance Of Online Reviews For Your Plumbing Company

The Relationship Between Online Reviews and Your Plumbing Marketing Strategy Before the advanced technology of Internet, plumbing companies gained clients from word of mouth and traditional advertising. The Internet has changed the way we advertise and people substitute word of mouth for customer reviews because they have access to so much more. Customers rely heavily […]

How to Maintain Your Plumbing Website

Regular Maintence on Your Plumbing Website It is vital for your company that your plumbing website is kept up to date. When changes in technology and marketing trends arise, as they inevitably do, you can stay on top and keep your business on the cutting edge where it belongs. Your website says a lot about […]

NEWS: Plumber Dies From Trench Caving Waist Deep

Plumber Accidentally Dies While Working on Pipelines in Myersville, MD. Myersville, Md. – A tragic story of a young plumber who died at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. Robert Craig was 26 years old while working as a plumber on pipelines for a home under construction on Hunter’s Knoll in Myersville […]

NEWS: Man charged with dumping sewage illegally from his Connecticut home

STAMFORD- Police have arrested Robert Aillery age 58, with three counts of larceny for dumping the sewage from his septic tank cleaning company, Stright Sewage Disposal, illegally into his surrounding residential neighborhood. Aillery was said to have dumped raw sewage into a sewer connection from the garage of his private residence to avoid paying the […]