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9 Tips To Improve Your Leadership Skills For Your Plumbing Business


9 Tips To Improve Your Leadership Skills For Your Plumbing Business

Encourage Disagreement.

Plumbing Business LeaderThis probably sounds counterintuitive and it is. People avoid conflict, but that can lead to some serious problems down the line. Encourage your employees to have a voice about how things are being run so that serious issues may be addressed before they become an overwhelming problem.

Don’t Helicopter.

When you constantly hover over everyone’s shoulder and give constant feedback people get annoyed and discouraged. Instead, show them that you trust them to handle important situations and let them live up to those standards. People are more likely to produce great results, when they feel like someone believes in them, and trusts them to produce only great results.

When people mess up don’t destroy them.

You are there to make sure that they learn from their mistakes and no one is going to learn anything if you take out your anger and frustration on the person who messed up.

Be Compassionate.

Look deeper at your employees and find ways to develop valuable interpersonal relationships. Everyone is there to work and succeed at making the company succeed but gain strength and power from knowing each other and valuing the humanity of everyone who works to meet your goals.

Vow to be a lifelong learner.

A lifelong learner is someone who remembers that they haven’t arrived at a pinnacle of knowledge. They remember that they still have things to learn about life, and of equal importance, about themselves and they don’t give up that search.

Know Yourself.

Find ways to discover true self-awareness. Executives often have a much different picture about who they are compared with how other people view them. Evaluate your behavior and leadership towards everyone and not just important clients or employees.

Plumbing Business Leader vs Manager copyStay Focused.

It is easy to want to develop a lot of goals for yourself when other people are looking to you for leadership and that’s okay but keep it simple so that you aren’t overwhelmed by everything you want to achieve for yourself and for others.

Keep Team Players.

Make sure that you keep the people who care about meeting goals and being kind to other employees but let go of people who make the workplace a vindictive one or fill it with gossip.


Nobody becomes great at anything without tons of practice and trial and error. Practice exercising the leadership skills you have learned in every situation that you can. Read more books on the subject of good leadership qualities and listen closely to constructive feedback.





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